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Is your diesel having issues starting up? Do you hear a knocking noise? Is there blue colored smoke coming from your engine? Don't ingore the signs, those could all be signs of engine failure. One of the leading issues that lead to diesel engine failure is fuel contamination. Fuel contamination comes in different forms, but always has the same result - engine trouble and fuel system failures. Here’s what you need to know about fuel contamination with diesel trucks, from Ward Service Auto Repair in Monrovia, CA.

What causes contamination? - Fuel contamination can occur in your diesel for multiple reasons. Water condensation in the fuel tank can make its way into the fuel system, causing a lack of lubrication which can destroy pumps and injectors. Dirt and debris or a neglected fuel filter can allow debris into the system that destroys those same components or causes blockage somewhere along the line. Algae can also form in the fuel tank, and if it is introduced into the fuel system, will also cause parts damage and blocked pathways in your diesel.

How can it be prevented? - Regular truck maintenance is the best way to prevent fuel contamination. The fuel system should be flushed at scheduled intervals, and filters must be changed regularly. If your diesel engine is displaying signs of contamination like poor starting, misfiring, or bad performance, get it checked out by a professional sooner rather than later to prevent extensive damage from occurring.

What’s the remedy? - It depends on the truck's situation. If it’s caught early enough and can be solved with a filter change and a flush, you might get lucky. Otherwise, a contaminated fuel system often requires replacement of all the fuel system components, to replace damaged parts and ensure they won’t get damaged again. Contamination kits are purchased for this purpose and include new lines, injectors, a new high-pressure fuel pump, and various other components. Fuel contamination should only be dealt with by a diesel engine specialist - it’s a complex repair that requires a professional with the right equipment.

If you believe your truck is experiencing fuel conamination issues drop it off today for our diesel experts to diagnois today. No matter your repair or maintenance needs, our expert technicians have you covered. For the best diesel shop in Monrovia, CA, call or stop by Ward Service Auto Repair today.


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